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Inherited furniture

Do not let an inherited piece mess up your decorating plans. You can update old furniture with these ideas and be at peace with your heritage, yet true to your style.

Inherited furniture can hold wonderful memories. Grandmas china cabinet still holds the fascination that it did when it was filled with the family heirloom dishes. Uncle Johns rocking chair takes you to a place of relaxation and comfort. You can smell his pipe and hear his deep laughter when you settle in to it to read the paper. Or how about that barrel chair that you and your siblings would spin around and around in?

The sentimental value of our inherited furniture is priceless but the reality of the way it will fit into our decor is another story. Often the piece is quite worn out from years of use. Upholstered pieces are covered with outdated fabrics. The finish on wood pieces is often scratched and worn. To make it work in your home you must redress the old with a new look.12790426245_2f477d6a91_b

Reupholstering a quality chair is worth the price. Not only will you have fresh clean fabric on the piece but you can choose something that goes with your decor. Breathe new life into an old piece with a graphic fabric or something in a contemporary color. Contrasting welting will add a designer touch that perhaps was not there before. Ask your upholsterer for other ideas to make it interesting. You will be surprised at how you can rescue a piece by having it professionally recovered.

If you do not like the bones of your furniture then restyling it may be the answer to making it fit into your decorating plan. Padding can be added to soften up the lines of a bench or recliner. A dated style of tufting can be removed. Do not forget to ask the upholsterer for new springs. They will add to the comfort of the chair and you will appreciate it in the end.

Older dining room sets are beautiful but are often too ornate for todays homes. Covering the chairs in a custom slipcover can reinvent their look. Box pleated chair skirts with tailored seat backs turn a carved seat into a crisp one. Cover the table with a tablecloth or runner in a similar fabric for the duel purpose of beauty and covering scratches on the table. No one will peek under your tasteful camouflage.

Classic furniture

Classic furniture

A simple and less expensive way to change the chair is by recovering the seat pad. This is a simple project that you can do yourself. The bottoms of most dining room chairs are removable by unscrewing them. Cut your fabric larger than the seat bottom. Pull it around the chair seat tightly and staple. Make sure all wrinkles are smoothed out by stretching and stapling it well. Replace it in the frame and you have a new look . Budget about 45 minutes time per chair. Take your time and it will look like it was done professionally.

If the finish on wood furniture is in rough shape one answer is to strip and refinish the piece. Painting is another option. If you feel your inheritance has valueBusiness Management Articles, seek the advice of a professional on how to bring it back to its original condition. It may be more valuable untouched.

Do not let your relatives gift become a burden. Combine the old with new ideas and you will have furnishings that have both history and style.

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